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Dog the Bounty Hunter rips bail reform: ‘People are dying’

Duane Chapman – better know as “Dog the Bounty Hunter” – slammed the ‘ push for bail reform on saying we “tried it your way and people are dying.”

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: [W]e need more fairer cops. We need more fairer laws. We need more fairer jails. It doesn’t mean you need free bail. It’s not working. A monetary thing is a punishment. You want to steal a car. It’s going to cost you $7500, which is $7500 to get out of jail. You’re going to put up collateral and you’re going to have a parent or someone you’re related to sign so they can find you if you run.

We need to get down there and get these guys voted out. Now you tried it your way and people are dying. Let’s go back to the right way.


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